Insurance Services for Builders and Developers

When it comes to community development ICRG is all in. We proudly support the businesses, both large and small, that develop and maintain America’s communities. We offer a unique lineup of services to everyone from the masterplan community developer, to custom home builders and subcontractors, and our focus is on keeping everyone safe and keeping you working.

ICRG offers a robust line of insurance and employee benefit plan options to help you keep running a successful business. From E&O coverage for architects to liability and equipment protection for construction companies to premises risk policies for builders and subcontractors, no matter where you fit in the development process ICRG can be a pivotal partner in protecting your people, equipment, and construction-related insurance needs.

As an ICRG client, if you experience problems with construction or face claims, delays, or injuries on the job site, you can reach out to your dedicated independent agent to help support you through the claims process. After some initial analysis, they can provide you an early case evaluation and help you decide on the most appropriate course of action. They will also help you coordinate with an adjuster and process any forms for your claim. When things just aren’t going right, it’s nice to have someone with experience to share the workload.

Contractors Equipment Insurance
From construction to landscaping and excavation, businesses rely on expensive equipment to generate revenue. Designed to protect commercial operations by owning valuable mobile equipment, we offer contractor equipment insurance products that provide business coverage for construction machinery, equipment and tools of a mobile nature used in contracting, installation, erection and repair, or operations or projects.