An increase in the price of products and services over time. The government’s main measure of inflation is the Consumer Price Index.


A person who dies without leaving a valid will. State law then determines who inherits the property or serves as guardian for any minor children.

Joint and Survivor Annuity

Most pension plans must offer this form of pension plan payout that pays over the life of the retiree and his or her spouse after the retiree dies. The retiree and his or her spouse must specifically choose not to accept this payment form.


Any claim against the assets of a person or corporation: accounts payable, wages, and salaries payable, dividends declared payable, accrued taxes payable, and fixed or long-term obligations such as mortgages, debentures, and bank loans.

Limited Partnership

Limited partnerships pool the money of investors to develop or purchase income-producing properties. When the partnership subsequently receives income from these properties, it passes the income on to its investors as dividend payments. Limited Partnerships are subject to special risks such as illiquidity and those risks inherent in the underlying investments. There are no assurances…