Get Intelligent with Your Reserves

Construction-related costs are on the rise and this is putting pressure on community associations when it comes to balancing assessment levels with their need to reserve for future maintenance.

ICRG recognized early on how limited financial knowledge and a lack of guidance about saving alternatives was leaving association boards to settle on low-yielding bank accounts for their association’s capital reserves. Rather than developing a strategy that puts their association’s long-term savings to work for their community, busy boards often mistakenly accept that parking money in low-yielding savings accounts at the bank is the only viable solution for their community’s savings, and this just adds to the pressure to raise assessments on property owners.

At ICRG we build community-fit reserve savings programs that are designed to help address these rising cost pressures. Putting your association’s lazy-money back to work, we tailor individual savings programs designed to meet your community’s requirements for liquidity today, as well as your growing needs for the future.

Guided by a dedicated agent, we can help your board develop a long-term reserve savings plan that aligns your community’s capital and future maintenance schedules with principal-protected strategies capable of safely growing your savings at higher rates of return than a traditional money market or bank savings accounts. Helping your money keep pace with your rising maintenance costs, your agent can recommend solutions that promote capital efficiency and secure growth, strengthening your association’s financial foundation while adhering to the guidelines set forth in the Public Funds Investment Act.