Who's ICRG

The Intelligent Capital Reserve Group (ICRG), is a community-focused insurance agency that serves the specialized financial services needs of HOA and condominium associations.


ICRG understands the unique challenges association boards face when it comes to carrying out insurance and savings management duties, so our platform was designed with these needs in mind.  We focus on your board’s most important financial responsibilities, delivering resources and services directly to your board meetings, we help to streamline the financial decision-making process for members, making it easier to execute decisions and take care of business.



Connecting today’s financial decisions to tomorrow’s liabilities, ICRG delivers tailored savings and insurance guidance directly to your board meetings, helping boards take the necessary steps to protect and improve community financial wellness at its foundation.  We can help your board develop a unique program for properly managing your association’s most important financial decisions and give you the tools to monitor and manage it.


Aided by the convenience of technology, a dedicated community agent delivers personalized savings recommendations and insurance services directly to your board meetings. Helping your members identify and capitalize on your association’s opportunities and execute the board’s most important financial decisions efficiently and with ease.

Insurance policy solution

Reserve fund savings strategies

Reserve study software

Dedicated agent support

Building blocks for a strong financial foundation.

Services For Your Association

We believe in your community.
Learn how ICRG can help keep your community growing.

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Agent at Podium

A dedicated agent to work alongside your board, walking you though your planning from Start to Finish

Meet virtually with your agent to review and maintain your savings program or complete annual review meetings

Electronic Signature

Complete and e-sign most documents

Cloud based file storage to Save and Store documents and archive information for efficient execution

Cloud based reserve study software includes financial reports. Track your expenses and savings in one place

5 printable reports. Print an updated reserve study, savings program statements, and other useful reports

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ICRG manages all paperwork and provides you a physical and digital copy of important documents

Annual portfolio reviews. Update progress, educate new members and complete program maintenance

Reviewing insurance

Insurance reviews, recommendations, & policy services

Support center to assist in expediting service, send out statements and alerts