Who's ICRG

Intelligent Capital Reserve Group is a community-focused insurance agency specializing in the unique financial service needs of HOAs, condominiums, and master plan developments.


Our services support the financial health of communities by delivering insurance solutions and reserve fund savings strategies directly to association board meetings.    By removing planning inefficiencies and providing the necessary research to make wiser decisions with their association’s capital, ICRG offers boards a comfortable process that promotes their understanding of savings concepts that can impact their community’s bottom line and empower board members to improve how they save and invest for the future of their building or neighborhood.

Services For Your Association


ICRG is not a bank and we do not sell proprietary products. We are experienced professionals hired by your board of directors to work on behalf of your building or neighborhood to streamline the planning responsibilities of the board by helping execute their financial decisions, recommending strategies to improve capital efficiency, and better manage the association’s long-term savings.


Our unique skillset blends career financial services backgrounds with board member service experience, lending us insight into how to best address the specialized needs of your community and helping us align appropriate savings strategies with your risk preferences and long-term capital planning schedules.


Every community we serve receives support from a dedicated agent whose job it is to help your board execute your planning and provide ongoing maintenance for your association’s savings program. Even as your board members change, ICRG provides a seamless exchange of control and knowledge keeping your community on a secure financial path for the future.

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