Who's ICRG

Intelligent Capital Reserve Group (ICRG), is a community-focused insurance agency that provides insurance and savings services to HOA and condominium associations, as well as insurance services to community developers.


ICRG recognizes the challenges association boards face when it comes to managing the financial duties of your community, so we designed our platform and services around these important responsibilities. We deliver tailored guidance; helpful resources, and unique products directly to board meetings to streamline the execution of financial decisions and make it easier for boards to take care of business.


Connecting today’s financial decisions to tomorrow’s liabilities, ICRG will help your board develop a clear roadmap of your long-term expenses and spotlight prudent financial steps to improve return on capital and meet rising inflation costs head on. 


Developing a tailored program can help your board foster precision management of your association capital, potentially reducing the frequency of raising property owners assessments. We address the most important financial decisions by giving your board the tools and resources to identify your priorities and monitor your current financial health, ultimately strengthening your association’s financial foundation.

Insurance policy solution

Reserve savings solutions

Reserve study software

Dedicated agent support

Building blocks for a strong financial foundation.

Services For Your Association


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